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Poly-V belts and pulleys

Poly-V belts and pulleys

Rubber Poly-V belts

  • all standard profiles: H, J, K, L, M

  • standard lengths and special lengths

  • sleeves and cut belts

  • extar thick back side

PU Poly-V belts:

  • all standard profiles: H, RP2, J, K, L, M

  • lengths: 150 - 4250 mm

  • Back side fabric, PU or silicone

Special Poly-V belts:

  • material compinations and coated Poly-V belts

  • double sided Poly-V belts

  • perforations

Poly-V pulleys:

  • pilot bore or for taper bush

  • different materials

  • standard range or custom-made according to drawings

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