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Prondea is a company offering industrial products for various industry applications. The product portfolio consists of special industrial belts, material handling products, brakes & clutches and mechanical chucks.

Industrial belts are designed and made for haul off applications, for power transmission for conveying and movement functions and for countless industrial operations.

Roll/reel pushers are used in paper and cable industry to ensure the highest performance and safety levels when handling rolls and reels.
Cart movers are designed to safely push or pull existing carts in various industries.

Brakes and mechanical chucks are important components for roll handling in paper, tissue, paper converting and corrugated board industry.

Our competence is based on over 35 years experience in various industry segments. High-quality products manufactured by state-of-the-art production methods, right products in right places, innovative solutions and on-time deliveries are all cornerstones for our customer service.

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