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Felt tubes, belts and pads

Needle punched felt

Needle punched felt products are developed for special industrial applications. They are widely used in aluminum extrusion lines.

These felt materials have unique combination if characteristics including excellent heat resistance, excellent abrasion and wear resistance, smooth surface which can be hard or soft. Felt is non-marking and is not scratching aluminum profiles or other sensitive surfaces.

Felt materials:

  • PBO (Zylon) + Kevlar: max +600°C

  • PBO (Zylon): max +600°C

  • Kevlar: max +500°C

  • Kevlar + Carbon: max +500°C

  • Nomex: max +280°C

  • Polyester: max +180°C

Woodworking belts

WoodVee belts:

  • WoodVee belts for edge-banding, drilling and squaring machines in woodworking sector

  • material is white non-marking rubber

  • tensile member is very strong synthetic fiber cord with low elongation

Sanding belts:

  • Endless rubber belts for sanding and calibrating machines e.g. wide belt sanders, polishing machines, calibrating machines, brushing machines etc.

  • uniform belt thickness and surface, different patterns

High speed flat drive belts:

  • power transmission flat belt for high speed woodworking machines, e.g. planers, molding machines, drilling and sawing machines, edgers, edge trimmers, edge banding machines, dowelling machines etc.

  • truly endless rubber flat belt, no joint or seam

Felt products

Felt tubes:

  • application: roller covering

  • wide range of diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths

  • soft tube: without silica treatment.

  • hard tube: with silica treatment for better abrasion resistance

Felt belts:

  • application: belt conveyors

  • truly endless construction, no joint or seam

Felt pads:

  • application: cover of walking beams and racks

  • cut felt pieces according to requests

Felt spacer sleeves:

  • application: spacer sleeve for aluminum profiles in aging oven

  • made according to dimensions

Timing belts with felt coating:

  • application: belt conveyors

  • PU or rubber timing belts (limited range of types and sizes)

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