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Movicart cart movers

Battery driven cart movers


Movicart battery driven cart mover is a compact and handy machine to safely push and pull  existing carts which are on wheels or on rails. Operators can work easy and safe way without any efforts.
Movicart is equipped with the highest quality lithium battery offering long last charge, rapid battery recharge and long life.

Movicart is handy and heavy-duty, it is able to move carts up to 5 tons. It is a convenient alternative to forklifts or transpallets as it can be used without a license and can operate in narrow spaces and where forklifts are not allowed.


  • robust construction

  • can be used without a license

  • suitable for various cart sizes (from very light carts up to 5 tons)

  • easy operation, quick battery changes

  • long life battery, long lasting charge, eco-friendly

  • variable speed for any operator needs


Movicart is ideal solution to safely move any cart

Movicart MCE models:

  • MCE 400 :   thrust force 400 kg, lift force 25 kg, weight 38 kg

  • MCE 400 E: thrust force 1500 kg, lift force 150 kg, weight 38 kg 

  • MCE 500:    thrust force 5000 kg, lift force 150 kg, weight 43 kg

Movicart MCE can be used indoors where floor is smooth and clean.




Movicart MTE is a heavy-duty and handy electric tug designed to safely move your trolleys or wheeled loads up to 1500 kg without any efforts for the operator.

Movicart MTE models:

  • MTE 1000: max pulling power 1000 kg,  machine weight 55 kg

  • MTE 1500: max pulling power 1500 kg,  machine weight 100 kg

Movicart MTE can be used indoors and also outdoors.

MCE 400
MCE 400 E
MCE 500
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