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Some applications

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Box folding feeder belts

Silicone or rubber coated flat belts to feed die cut box blanks from stack into the box folding machine. Truly endless construction, no joint or seam. Advantages of silicone: optimum grip agains carton, non marking, food quality, not ageing, good chemical resistance against cleaning solvents, not getting dirty, non-stick surface.

All common belt sizes available.

Pull down belts for VFFS packing machines

Premium quality belts for vertical-form-fill-seal bagmakers are made according to highest demands from customers. And always truly endless, without any joint or seam.

Base belt is timing belt (PU ro rubber), sometimes also flat belt is used.

Coating is soft silicone which ensures smooth and long life operation.

Precise fabrication: holes , countersunks, slots, grooves

Cable pulling
Cable pulling belts

Truly endless rubber cable pulling belts for heavy and medium duty applications. Unique combination of aramide and metal cords ensure the best resistance to high pulling force and vertical pressure. Wide range of wear and tear resistant rubber compounds can be selected according to cable type, size and cover material.

Additionally longitudinal and crosswise grooves on top side and Poly-V ribs on bottom side are available on requests.

Woodworking belts

Truly endless rubber V-belts for edge-banding, drilling and squaring machines in the woodworking sector. Material is white non-marking rubber, top side is smooth or with pattern or with longitudinal grooves.

Tensile member is very strong synthetic fiber cord with low elongation.

Checkweigher belts

Truly endless belts for dynamic checkweighers. Belts can be elastic or non-elastic. Material silicone or polyurethane on top side. Antistatic fabric bottom side.

Flexible, light, thin and uniform construction. No joint or seam. Quite and easy run.

Wood drive 1.jpg
High speed drive belts for wood industry

Premium truly endless drive belts for woodworking machines. Suitable for very high speeds in machines like planers, drilling & boring machines, saw tools, edge trimmig and banding etc.

Material is neoprene rubber with strong and low elongation reinforcement.

Plastic extrusion
Belts for plastic and composite extrusion

Plastic extrusion haul-off belts are used in the production of plastic pipes, hoses and different profiles. Very often bottom side of the belts have fine ribs (Poly-V) to ensure good friction on drive pulley and to get better running properties. Top side can be either PU or silicone based on the size and material of the pulled product.

Rubber belts are used in heavy duty applications like composite pultrusion processes.

Mail sorting belts

Mail sorting belts are used to feed, scan, sort and stack letters in mail sorting machines. Essential issues are top cover performance and belt construction.

Truly endless siliocne or PU feeder belts are optimum choice to handle letters and mail. Very often belts are perforated due to vacuum.

Print & Paper_edited.jpg
Belts for print & paper industry

Belts for print finishing and paper converting. Belts are used for feeding, conveying, collating, inserting, nesting and folding applications. Many belts variants available based on machine and paper material.

PU and silicone belts are truly endles and they can run in either direction. Furthermore belts are non-marking, durable and antistatic.

Truly endless belt construction can be elastic, semi-elastic or non-elastic according to machine lay-out and function.

Tube winding
Tube winding belts

Endless belts for tube-winding machines. Belt solutions for heavy duty, medium duty and light duty winding machines in the prodcution of paper cores and tubes. Material for heavy duty belts is rubber whilst PU is used for light duty belts.

And belts are truly endless - no joint or seam.

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