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Cable pulling belts

Cable pulling belts

Rubber cable pulling belts are manufactured for medium and heavy duty cable pulling applications. Belts are used to draw cables through cable production line. Pulling machine - also called caterpillar - consists of two belts which clamp and draw cable under vertical pressure.

Belts are designed and manufactured according to our customers needs. Belts can be used also for plastic pipes and profiles production.

Main features and benefits:

  • truly endless construction - no joint or seam

  • wear and tear resistant rubber compounds, different hardnesses

  • top surface smooth or with grooves

  • bottom surface smooth or Poly-V ribs or timing belt

  • wide range of tensile members

  • metal reinforcement for heavy duty applications

  • special rubber compounds for high temperatures

Woodworking belts

WoodVee belts:

  • WoodVee belts for edge-banding, drilling and squaring machines in woodworking sector

  • material is white non-marking rubber

  • tensile member is very strong synthetic fiber cord with low elongation

Sanding belts:

  • Endless rubber belts for sanding and calibrating machines e.g. wide belt sanders, polishing machines, calibrating machines, brushing machines etc.

  • uniform belt thickness and surface, different patterns

High speed flat drive belts:

  • power transmission flat belt for high speed woodworking machines, e.g. planers, molding machines, drilling and sawing machines, edgers, edge trimmers, edge banding machines, dowelling machines etc.

  • truly endless rubber flat belt, no joint or seam

Cable pulling belts

Belt characteristics:

  • Breaking strength 500 - 2000 daN/cm

  • Rubber hardness 40 - 75 ShA

  • Colors: black, grey, white

  • Max. length 22 000 mm

  • Max. belt thickness 36 mm

  • Uniform thickness over entire belt length



Designed and manufactured for high pulling forces and high vertical pressures. Metal reinforcement is available for heavy duty  belts e.g. belts for submarine cables.

Belts are used in caterpillars and capstans (turn wheel) in cable production plants:

  • low and high voltage power cables

  • submarine cables

  • umbilical cables

  • special cables

Belts can be used also as haul-off belts in plastic extrusion lines.

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