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Woodworking belts

Woodworking belts

WoodVee belts:

  • WoodVee belts for edge-banding, drilling and squaring machines in woodworking sector

  • material is white non-marking rubber

  • tensile member is very strong synthetic fiber cord with low elongation

Sanding belts:

  • Endless rubber belts for sanding and calibrating machines e.g. wide belt sanders, polishing machines, calibrating machines, brushing machines etc.

  • uniform belt thickness and surface, different patterns

High speed flat drive belts:

  • power transmission flat belt for high speed woodworking machines, e.g. planers, molding machines, drilling and sawing machines, edgers, edge trimmers, edge banding machines, dowelling machines etc.

  • truly endless rubber flat belt, no joint or seam

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